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Music Monday - Purity Ring

Oh my dreams, 
Come back to me, back to me 
Back to...


Such dreams I had of recreating the beautiful artwork of this album. I should have gone with something easier this week, because I have destroyed something beautiful. Lucky for polish remover.

Ignoring my obvious difficulty with getting any kind of detail looking remotely decent, I stupidly used my horrible matte topcoat again. Look at all those white spots!!! It looks like I just scratched a dandruff laden head. Even more frustrating is there are two white spots covering some of the detail work making it look even worse than it did to begin with. Booo-urns!

Fortunately some things went right today - it was a public holiday so there was lots of Orange is the New Black binge-watching. I even purchased a new matte top coat! 

Please don't let my nail art stop you from listening to Purity Ring. Shrines is one of the most stunning albums I've heard in the past few years. The songs are poetic and ethereal, creating a sense of being swallowed by a comforting darkness. My husband wrote about one of the album tracks a little while ago, and his words are almost as beautiful as the music itself - check it out here 

Maybe next week I'll try something a little simpler :)

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