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Music Monday - In Casino Out

Happy Monday pals, welcome to  the first of what I hope will become a regular Monday feature here - Music Monday!

We all know Mondays stink, so I figured if I can rock nails featuring artwork from my favourite albums to start the week it might make that first day back at work just a little easier. Also gives me a sneaky opportunity to talk about some of my favourite music while still having fancy nails - win!

This week - In/Casino/Out from At The Drive In


As you can probably tell, I'm going into this with the full intention to really challenge myself. I am by no means an accomplished nail artist - I can do the basics just fine but freehanding fine lines and detail is far beyond my current capabilities. That said, I think I've done fairly well. For comparison:

Source: wikipedia.org
The album itself is probably best described as post-everything - it's post-punk, post-grunge and post-hardcore. It's my favourite At The Drive In Album by a hair. Their breakthrough Relationship of Command is phenomenal, but In/Casino/Out has some of my favourite ATDI songs (Napoleon Solo, Pickpocket and Lopsided in case you were wondering) and it's a little bit rougher around the edges than Relationship of Command. It's the kind of album you have to hear if you're even vaguely interested in non-mainstream rock.

So, what are you listening to this Monday?

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