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Music Mani Monday - HEALTH

Monday again! Yay?

Today is a little more freeform than the last few weeks, to which I breathe a large sigh of relief. Taking on the jagged shattered glass pattern from the cover of HEALTH's self titled debut was a much happier task than say, the meticulous detail of tiny satellite dishes of In Casino Out or last weeks Refused striping tape frenzy.

Shattered Glass Nail Art - HEALTH - You Will Love Each Other

I'm a big fan of this look - sharp messy shapes in a basic bright is something I'll always be drawn to. The base for this is one of the best blues I own - Revlon Colorstay Coastal Surf, a smooth creamy 2 coater. I love the whole Colorstay range - I find some of the big makeup brands miss more often than they hit with polish, but the formula of every colour I own in the Colorstay range is just spot on. The white is trusty old Ulta3 Lily White with it all topped off with a coat of Peita's Polish Quick! Gloss Me Up!

Shattered Glass Nail Art - HEALTH - You Will Love Each Other

Now, HEALTH. What an album. Coming in at less than 30 minutes and filled with pounding tribal drums, squealing electronica and dreamlike vocals, it's not like much else you'll hear. It's methodical despite the frenzied sounds. The infrequent vocals lets the music just be.

The sound is probably best described as "futuristic-caveman", pulling influences from absolutely everywhere - African drum beats here, post-rock drones there, and an overall art-punk aesthetic. It's a thrilling and complex listen, best turned up really stupidly loud.

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