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Go Planet!

Interruption to scheduled programming this week folks. Today and tomorrow I'll be sharing swatches of a collection I have been super excited about ever since it was first hinted at - the Mckfresh Nail Attire Planeteers collection, based on my all-time favourite childhood cartoon, Captain Planet! Go ahead and (re)familiarise yourself below - the all important theme song starts a minute in.

Mckfresh have come up with a totally in your face, mega colourful glitter packed collection which has had me in fits since I got my happy little hands on them! I was lucky enough to get them a little bit early with my mega parcel of winnings from the Mckfresh 1 year Anniversary competition I won. Thanks Kate!

The Planeteers collection will be available from 8pm Tuesday July 1st in the Mckfresh Etsy store.

Mckfresh - The Power is Yours - Captain Planet - Planeteers collection

The Power is Yours, based on the one and only Captain Planet is a gorgeous blue with flecks of red, gold and green. I'm just gonna say straight up so I don't get repetitive - all the polishes in this post I applied three thin coats, no dabbing or mucking around. I'd say these are jellies, but the opacity comes from the glitter coverage. This is alllll glitter, baby.

The colours in The Power is Yours are the colours of Captain Planet himself, he of blue skin, green mullet and red uniform. I think there's some flakie business going on in here too, but I can't be 100% sure as I swatched this one at night. Regardless, it's a winner.

Mckfresh - Wind - Captain Planet - Planeteers collection

Wind is the polish I was both most excited AND most apprehensive about. Everyone knows yellow = trouble, but given the amount of glitter it was barely a problem. My little nubbins don't have much free edge at the moment though so I can't say 3 coats will be perfect for everyone, but it was definitely enough for me. I couldn't even identify any sheerness until my hand entered the lightbox.

Linka, the Planeteer with the power of Wind, is a raging Russian babe who is smart and fierce. Oh, she's also a tech genius. How many other girls in early 90's cartoons were that cool?

Mckfresh - Heart - Captain Planet - Planeteers collection

Here we have Heart, the deceptively beautiful red. Now I'm mostly not so hot on washed out reds, but once I started top coating this I noticed a hidden shimmer start presenting itself. Between the fiery red glitters that flash a golden orange and sheer red jelly base some force of magic created a beautiful blue shimmer. Wowzers.

Heart is the power of the sweet and gentle Ma-Ti, the boy who can telepathically communicate with both humans and animals. Ma-Ti is the figurative heart of the Planeteers, offering instinct and compassion where the others rely on their more physical powers. Oh, did I mention he has a monkey? So jealous.

Mckfresh - Peace & Harmony - Captain Planet - Planeteers collection

Last up for the day is Peace & Harmony - the softest polish of the collection. I was really surprised at how much of a stand out this is among all the bright in your face colours. The lilac glitter is generously sprinkled with some pastel blue and a whole lot of iridescent magic. It's ethereal and dreamy, like no other polish I own.

Peace & Harmony is based on Gaia, the Spirit of Earth (apparently voiced by Whoopi Goldberg! I never knew this!) Gaia was the one who assembled the Planeteers and set them on their path of saving the environment and therefore the world. 

So there's half the collection! Are you swooning? Are you head over heels yet or do you want more colour? Either way I'll be back with the rest of the collection on Wednesday! 

Head over to the Mckfresh Nail Attire store on Etsy tomorrow night for the release.

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