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Two Birds Lacquer - Fairy Bread

Two Birds Lacquer Fairy Bread 

My second Two Birds polish for the week, this time Fairy Bread from the debut collection ‘Childhood Treats’. This was one of my choices of the 3 core polishes I won via Instagram - and probably the one I was most excited about.

As expected, this polish is just as great as photos had lead me to believe. The mix and concentration of glitters is spot on, and the creamy yellow base takes 3 thin coats to be perfectly opaque.  

I may be turning 30 this month, but I love the hell out of a slice or ten of fairy bread - the buttery sugary deliciousness is just too good to pass up. This polish has captured the buttered-white-bread-and-sprinkles treat so well, it’s making me think maybe I should whip up a batch for myself for my birthday! 

Two Birds Lacquer only launched in March, but today have just released their third collection! Check out the Etsy store - my favourite of the new collection has to be Park Life, hopefully it will be mine come payday.

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