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Tri Polish Tuesday - Water Spotting and Glitter

A little bit late with my Tri Polish Tuesday contribution again thanks to a disastrous first attempt at a technique I hadn't tried before. Inspired by all the bloggers that take part in Aussie Nails Monday, and in particular this gorgeous mani (and tutorial!) from Theresa at It's All About The Polish I thought I would tackle Water Spotting.

After my first attempt I quickly learned that layering two similar colours like red and purple Just. Doesn't. Work. With the limitations of Tri Polish Tuesday I was a bit stuck - enter Emily de Molly 'Ruby Soho', a pretty red glitter topper to save the day.

Tri Polish Tuesday - Water Spotting and Glitter

I did a base of Ulta3 Mojito, then used Revlon Colorstay Bold Sangria.  I used makeup setting spray to create the spots and found it worked really well!

I coated my fingers in Lush Lemony Flutter and used a nail art brush to get it in around the cuticle and it made cleanup a breeze - all the excess polish just wiped straight off my fingers! I'm absolutely going to have to try this using a metallic polish like Theresa did, as the effect is stunning.

Have a look at what everyone else has done this week below!


  1. sorry, I like your version better!

    1. Thank you! I do think the red glitter looks pretty great on top. But don't be sorry for giving me a compliment :D