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Tri Polish Tuesday - Chevrons

It's the final Tri Polish Tuesday of May! I'm not-so-quietly celebrating that this is the last time I need to combine purple, green and red - for three great colours they've been surprisingly hard to work together. Red and green just scream Xmas so keeping them apart has been my number one goal.

For the final week I've pulled out one of my favourite purple polishes - Emma Louise from Pretty Serious - and used it as a base for some chevrons.

I used Sally Hansen Brick Wall for my red and honestly, I regret it almost immediately. Why oh why would I want to hide Emma Louise this way?? Le sigh.

On the bright side, I used the new Dead Set Babes vinyl decals and found them absolutely spot on - even with my gluggy thick coat of Brick Wall the lines were crisp and clean once I removed the decals. Even better is they were wide enough to cut in half - doubling the value I get out of the sheet! This probably won't work for those with wider nails, but for my narrow ones it's perfect.

So because my chevron mani isn't exactly the prettiest to look at, here's Emma Louise in all her shimmering glory!

Ahhh, now that looks better! I'm sorry, I'll never hide you again my sweet, forgive me!

Have a look at what the rest of the nail tarts have done this week before you go:

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