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Golden Oldies Thursday - Neon

Golden Oldies Thursday NEON 

Golden Oldies Thursday is usually the one challenge I skip the most, because a) I don’t have a whole lot of very old polish, and b) I’m usually caught up doing stuff at the tail end of the week.

But not this week! I would have found the time for neon somehow, but turns out I didn’t need to as I’m on a roundabout of illness that refuses to stop, so a day home was called for.

So, NEON! I really don’t have all that many neon polishes. I should do something about that. These are the only two I would consider “old”, and even then I think they are both from 2012 which is still not all that long ago. Both are China Glaze, the green is I’m With the Lifeguard, an excellent shimmery punch of lime green that  I’m wearing over white undies, though it doesn’t really need them. The orange is Sun Worshipper, also worn over white undies because this one is a rotten streaky sheer scoundrel that still needed 3 coats over the white! The effect is still pretty great though right?

The studs are from Born Pretty Store, glad I’m finally using them given they took 2 months to arrive, and the black freehanded bits are good old reliable Ulta3 Black Satin.

I’m still excited about how well these colours came up on my camera too - it’s captured them pretty true to life which can be notoriously hard with a lot of neons. Self-five!

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