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Magic Treats from Moonstone Nail Polish

Living in the twenty-teens and still not dealing with the Harry Potter series coming to an end? Do you mumble lumos under your breath when you just can't find the light switch? Do you crave the sugary treats offered up by Honeydukes sweet shop? 

The Magic Treats collection from Moonstone Nail Polish might just be for you! This collection has been out for a little while now and I've had it on my wishlist since the moment it was announced. The collection features 3 crelly/glitters and 3 glitter toppers, all totally unique not only from each other but from any other Harry Potter polish collection I've seen.

I finally had the perfect opportunity to grab my four must-haves in a flash sale recently so I've had the joy of adorning my nails with the amazing colours of all my favourite (mostly) fictional sweets!

Acid Pop
Acid Pop

Acid Pop is a slimey green apple shade with a subtle warm golden shimmer. Neon hexes in white, neon green and yellow are suspended in the thick crelly base. The gold dots bring this to life - I love how they look shining right at the surface bringing a bit of extra shine. Some need a bit of coaxing to sit where you want them to but you can mostly get away with regular application.

I don't know what it is about these yellow toned green shades that I love, but I always find them fascinating in the bottle and even better on the nail. Maybe because it tones down the red in my skin? If you want something a bit out there that isn't in your face sparkles, Acid Pop is your polish.

Bluebell Bubblegum
Bluebell Bubblegum

Look at those circles! Like lilypads in a pond, they just want to float to the surface but something else always wants to come sit on top. There is infinite beauty in this little bottle, not least of all the incredible bluebell crelly base. There are all your basic glitter shapes in beautiful blue and silver with a generous smattering of iridescent glitters and a fine shimmer.

Like all big glitters those circles mostly needed to be fished out and placed where you want them but the extra 5 seconds that takes is so completely worth it. I'm head over heels for the colour alone!

Every Flavour Beans
Every Flavour Beans

No longer fictional, Every Flavour Beans are available for your eating pleasure (or vomit-induced nightmares) online and in some speciality stores. Every Flavour Beans makes for a pretty fabulous polish, using the rich purple and gold shimmer of the box then filled with a whole bunch of different coloured hexes and circles.

I do love the rainbow of glitter but I can't help but wish this was more of a jelly, but that's likely just personal preference as a jelly addict.

For all three above I used three thin coats and topped with a good thick top coat. Bluebell Bubblegum is the thirstiest of all due to the large circles, but careful placement will help avoid any real issues with edges sticking out.

Sugar Quill
Sugar Quill

This shiny little beauty just might be my favourite of the bunch. So much sparkle yet so little effort. Above, over China Glaze Ever Burgundy is two coats on my ring finger and one on the rest. The delicate silver bars flash tiny little rainbows here and there, the white and silver hexes shine away beautifully and then the translucent, iridescent hexes give a ghostly glow over the berry base.

Sugar Quill
Sugar Quill

Because I have to put every glitter over a dark base, I switched up and put two coats over the top of Essie Bobbing for Baubles. Total transformation! The iridescent glitters shine a vibrant bright blue, while everything else catches the light and shines on around them.

The Magic Treats collection is still available, with a discount if you buy the whole collection at once - I didn't buy the other two glitter toppers Licorice Wand or Levitating Sherbet Balls due to my aversion to star glitter, but if that's your thing then this collection should definitely be on your wishlist. 

Keep an eye out too, as Caitlin from Moonstone and Teneil from Shades of Phoenix have been working on a little collaboration based solely on Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans! Visit their Facebook pages I've linked just there and show them some love.

I'm off to satisfy my sweet tooth now, see you again soon!

Tri Polish Tuesday - Chevrons

It's the final Tri Polish Tuesday of May! I'm not-so-quietly celebrating that this is the last time I need to combine purple, green and red - for three great colours they've been surprisingly hard to work together. Red and green just scream Xmas so keeping them apart has been my number one goal.

For the final week I've pulled out one of my favourite purple polishes - Emma Louise from Pretty Serious - and used it as a base for some chevrons.

I used Sally Hansen Brick Wall for my red and honestly, I regret it almost immediately. Why oh why would I want to hide Emma Louise this way?? Le sigh.

On the bright side, I used the new Dead Set Babes vinyl decals and found them absolutely spot on - even with my gluggy thick coat of Brick Wall the lines were crisp and clean once I removed the decals. Even better is they were wide enough to cut in half - doubling the value I get out of the sheet! This probably won't work for those with wider nails, but for my narrow ones it's perfect.

So because my chevron mani isn't exactly the prettiest to look at, here's Emma Louise in all her shimmering glory!

Ahhh, now that looks better! I'm sorry, I'll never hide you again my sweet, forgive me!

Have a look at what the rest of the nail tarts have done this week before you go:

Kester Black

Kester Black is an Australian company that specialises in cruelty-free nail polish, offering a wide range of beautiful creme colours along with a handful of glitter toppers and nail care basics.

I picked up 3 during a big sale over at Bellabox, and I am super impressed with the quality and colour.

Laguna is a stunning deep teal. I think teal is probably the most over-represented colour in my collection (though jade/mint greens come preeeeetty close) but this one is still an absolute must-have! It's beautifully rich, and applies perfectly with two coats. It leans a bit greener than it appears in my photograph here.

Papaya is a luminous orange that could be mistaken for glaring sunlight. In the bottle I was convinced this would need some coaxing to look good on the nail, but it applied like a jelly and dried like a neon with minimum streakiness. I've been trying to get some more orange in my stash, but it's such a hit and miss colour it's difficult to choose the good ones. This is definitely a good one! The buttery smooth finish and vivid glow is absolutely spot on.

Finally, we have Alimony. You may have seen this on my Instagram a few weeks ago accompanied by squeals of delight. You know how I said jade/mint is one of my most over-represented colours? It's because I've been searching for 'the one'. The search is now over, because Alimony is THE ONE.  It is the perfect minty-turquoise - bright, vibrant and gorgeously creamy. I just want to swim in its beauty!

If you're looking for cruelty-free, 5-free, Australian made polish I would absolutely recommend you try out Kester Black. All three of the polishes I purchased were fabulous formula and felt really luxurious. They feature my absolute favourite brush type - flat and wide with tapered edges (think Sally Hansen Salon Manicure brushes), and a grippy round cap. Next time I'm looking for a good creme I'll definitely be looking at Kester Black.

Two Birds Lacquer - Two More Polishes

I'm finally able to show you the last two polishes I got from Two Birds Lacquer, one from each of the first two collections! I really wanted to post this last week, but I took a chunk off my middle nail in an incident with a tap. Tap 1, Jae 0.

First up is the delicious sparkling wobbly jelly of Mulberry Jam. I'm wearing 3 coats with Dead Set Babes Super Glossy! Glitter Top Coat.

Two Birds Lacquer - Mulberry Jam

Mulberry Jam looks a lot more fuschia on the nail than it does in the bottle, but that doesn't mean I adore it any less. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours of glitter here battling for my affection but I love the blue shards and hexes that look like little berry seeds sitting on the nail most of all. This is so delightfully squishy, which is exactly what I want from a good jelly polish. I almost want to lick my fingers it looks that tasty!

Finally, my surprise favourite of the bunch here is Sugilite. I knew I would like this because I'm a sucker for purple, but I didn't expect to love it as much as I do!

Sugilite is a beautiful vibrant lavender with a softly scattered holo. The holo doesn't show rainbows in my lightbox but they are definitely visible to the naked eye. I've only worn 2 coats above, but I think I'd wear 3 next time. This shade reminds me of one of my all time favourite creme polishes - A Grape Fit from OPI. So essentially, it's like one of my all time favourite polishes, but BETTER!

You can find Two Birds Lacquer on Etsy - I honestly can't recommend these polishes enough. I'm absolutely in love with the four I have so far, and I'll be back there soon to snap up some of the London Calling collection.

Til next time! x

Tri Polish Tuesday - Water Spotting and Glitter

A little bit late with my Tri Polish Tuesday contribution again thanks to a disastrous first attempt at a technique I hadn't tried before. Inspired by all the bloggers that take part in Aussie Nails Monday, and in particular this gorgeous mani (and tutorial!) from Theresa at It's All About The Polish I thought I would tackle Water Spotting.

After my first attempt I quickly learned that layering two similar colours like red and purple Just. Doesn't. Work. With the limitations of Tri Polish Tuesday I was a bit stuck - enter Emily de Molly 'Ruby Soho', a pretty red glitter topper to save the day.

Tri Polish Tuesday - Water Spotting and Glitter

I did a base of Ulta3 Mojito, then used Revlon Colorstay Bold Sangria.  I used makeup setting spray to create the spots and found it worked really well!

I coated my fingers in Lush Lemony Flutter and used a nail art brush to get it in around the cuticle and it made cleanup a breeze - all the excess polish just wiped straight off my fingers! I'm absolutely going to have to try this using a metallic polish like Theresa did, as the effect is stunning.

Have a look at what everyone else has done this week below!

Tri Polish Tuesday - Poppies

Yes, I've moved! Buh-bye Tumblr, hello blog! Why the change?

Mostly because lately I've found I want to post a few different polishes at once, and say something about each  without just having a bunch of text dumped after the photos, which is the only option on Tumblr. Tumblr was great when I was Instagram-phobic, but now that I've wholeheartedly embraced that particular social network I'm finding I'm using Tumblr as more of a discovery tool rather than really having motivation to post there.

So, moving on to my first official blog post with some Poppy nail art for Tri Polish Tuesday. I was well and truly stuck for inspiration this week until I had dinner with friends last night and their daughter Poppy had me thinking of a way to use red & green without being to Xmas-like - flowers!

Tri Polish Tuesday - Poppies

This may well be the first floral mani I've ever attempted - I'm not a particularly flowery person. It was nice to step outside my comfort zone, and I'm really happy with the result!

Golden Oldies Thursday - Neon

Golden Oldies Thursday NEON 

Golden Oldies Thursday is usually the one challenge I skip the most, because a) I don’t have a whole lot of very old polish, and b) I’m usually caught up doing stuff at the tail end of the week.

But not this week! I would have found the time for neon somehow, but turns out I didn’t need to as I’m on a roundabout of illness that refuses to stop, so a day home was called for.

So, NEON! I really don’t have all that many neon polishes. I should do something about that. These are the only two I would consider “old”, and even then I think they are both from 2012 which is still not all that long ago. Both are China Glaze, the green is I’m With the Lifeguard, an excellent shimmery punch of lime green that  I’m wearing over white undies, though it doesn’t really need them. The orange is Sun Worshipper, also worn over white undies because this one is a rotten streaky sheer scoundrel that still needed 3 coats over the white! The effect is still pretty great though right?

The studs are from Born Pretty Store, glad I’m finally using them given they took 2 months to arrive, and the black freehanded bits are good old reliable Ulta3 Black Satin.

I’m still excited about how well these colours came up on my camera too - it’s captured them pretty true to life which can be notoriously hard with a lot of neons. Self-five!

Two Birds Lacquer - Fairy Bread

Two Birds Lacquer Fairy Bread 

My second Two Birds polish for the week, this time Fairy Bread from the debut collection ‘Childhood Treats’. This was one of my choices of the 3 core polishes I won via Instagram - and probably the one I was most excited about.

As expected, this polish is just as great as photos had lead me to believe. The mix and concentration of glitters is spot on, and the creamy yellow base takes 3 thin coats to be perfectly opaque.  

I may be turning 30 this month, but I love the hell out of a slice or ten of fairy bread - the buttery sugary deliciousness is just too good to pass up. This polish has captured the buttered-white-bread-and-sprinkles treat so well, it’s making me think maybe I should whip up a batch for myself for my birthday! 

Two Birds Lacquer only launched in March, but today have just released their third collection! Check out the Etsy store - my favourite of the new collection has to be Park Life, hopefully it will be mine come payday.

Two Birds Lacquer - Crimes

Two Birds Lacquer Crimes (custom polish) 

Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a competition on Instagram run by Stacey of Two Birds Lacquer, and I’m super excited to show you all the custom polish she made me as part of the prize!

I decided almost immediately that I wanted a polish inspired by the artwork of the album Crimes, by my all time favourite band The Blood Brothers. The graphic, abstract art is something I would hang on my wall so I figured of course I’d want something like it on my nails.

This polish is a white crelly filled with lilac and periwinkle hexes, slightly bigger black hexes and pink triangles. PINK TRIANGLES! It’s incredible, and every bit as brilliant as I’d dreamed it would be. I did three thin coats and it is opaque as a brick wall, while still showing the layers of glitter in between.

Having only opened just over 3 months ago Stacey has put out two collections with another on the way soon. I’ll have three more Two Birds lacquers to show you through the week, and I’m sure many more in the future!