/**/ March 2014 - Procrastinating Polishr

Tri Polish Tuesday - Nimbus

Tri Polish Tuesday Green, Blue, Purple - March 2014

I was feeling a bit rubbish today, so I stayed at home feeling sorry for myself. I thought it was the perfect excuse to tackle some nail art I’ve been wanting to try since I first saw Sammy AKA The Nailasaurus post it 6 months ago. Yes, I’m a bit slow on actually doing things that I want to do sometimes.

The March Tri Polish Tuesday theme and Nimbus nails were meant to be. My choice of Essie Bobbing for Baublesas the blue polish, not so much. I wanted a dark blue to contrast the washed out green (BYS Rollar Coaster [their typo, not mine]) and purple (Ulta3 Royal Fever) but all my darker blues are at the super dark end of the spectrum so options weren’t great.

I’m happy with how it turned out nonetheless. I think I picked up the actual technique fairly quickly, but I’d like to layer a little more or use less contrasting colours next time.

I am definitely feeling a lot better tonight, and I’m partly crediting my pretty nails with the boost in my mood. Back to the real world tomorrow!

Tri Polish Tuesday Green, Blue, Purple - March 2014

I really fell off the wagon for Tri Polish Tuesday in February despite being all about the colour combo of pink/grey/brown. I think I actually did it for three weeks but just never got around to photographing/editing them. Sigh, at least I know it’s a great looking colour combo for future inspiration.

This month I’m really trying to be organised, so here’s week 1 of green, blue and purple. Easily the 3 most represented colours in my collection so the possibilities are going to be endless!

I went for something easy to uh… ease… my way back into challenges - alternating Sally Hansen Pacific Blueand Ulta3 Pacific Fever(total coincidence with the names!) with Sally Hansen Plum Luckoutlines. I really like this mani, it’s kept me happy today with the bright pops of colour, though borders really show off just how differently shaped my nails are.

Arcane Lacquer Liquid Fear + Hex Nail Jewelry 

I picked up my wedding dress on the weekend. I’m not a big wedding-y person, but I guess the whole deal comes with wanting to actually share your whole life with someone. So I graciously accepted his proposal on our five year anniversary and now an actual wedding is happening in 6 weeks. Crazy huh?

Don’t get me wrong, I am genuinely excited about having a marry party and because it’s ‘our’ thing I’m guaranteeing myself that it’s going to be super fun and not all dragged out overly sentimental vows/religious in any way/waiting around for the fun bit. But I am still shitting myself a bit.

Hence the Oh Shit/Liquid Fear combo to accompany a weekend of dresses and pretending I’m a fancy lady. Maybe doing my nails and getting my ‘Oh Shit’ out there, I can bring it around to ‘I Got This Shit Down!’ so I can continue ruling at life.

Liquid Fear is from the Trackside collection released late last year to coincide with Spring Racing season, and is still available via the Arcane Lacquer Etsy store. 

Hex Nail Jewelry make high quality, reusable nail charms (plated in actual gold or silver) and you can find them here!