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Tri-Polish Tuesday - January - Red, Orange and Yellow

Some Piet Mondrian inspired nails for the final January tri-polish Tuesday challenge! I have been wanting to try this kind of design for as long as I’ve been doing my nails but somehow just never got around to it. I’m a sucker for geometric designs and bold colours so naturally I’m quite drawm to the whole De Stijl movement.

I’m not totally in love with these - my lines really need some work. For some reason I’ve been really shaky handed lately, plus my good striper brush has disappeared so I’ll blame that.

I’ve used:
Sally Hansen White On
Revlon Colorstay Stiletto
Ulta3 Sizzling Red
Revlon Siren
Models Prefer Fun in the Sun

I’m really looking forward to starting with some new colours next month! I feel like Red, Orange and Yellow was a tough combo to start with but I’m pleased with all the designs I ended up with. I will likely recreate this in some different colours too, so keep an eye out.

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