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Shades of Phoenix - Expelliarmus

Shades of Phoenix Expelliarmus

This polish was just begging for a lightning bolt accent, and this one from Hex Nail Jewelry fit the bill perfectly.

Expelliarmus is an almost black jelly with a hint of olive tone, filled with gold glitter and flakes that give it a coppery finish. I managed to pick up one of the last bottles of this before they were discontinued and damn I’m glad I did.

The jelly base is quite opaque - I only needed 2 coats for perfect coverage. The glitter glides on without any effort thanks to the great consistency of the base.

Shades of Phoenix have just reopened for 2014 with 10 (you read correctly - TEN!) new polishes. There is a mega sparkly silver glitter bomb I have my eye on, along with some really soft feminine glitters and cremes that are quite unusual - the Bigcartel store is here

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