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Loki's Lacquer - M81

Loki’s Lacquer M81

If I were wearing socks, they would have been knocked off the moment I put this on. This is two coats on its own, but can you imagine this over black??? I think I’d faint!

The colour is mind blowing-ly gorgeous. The shift from blue to purple is really dramatic, and I love that this isn’t the traditional kind of metallic/foil duochrome - it’s sparkly and twinkles as you move your fingers.

Bonus points for making my new nubbins look pretty! I blame a week of holidaying and too much swimming in pools for weakening my nails to severe breaking point.

There are three other shades in the Galaxy Duochrome collection which you can find here - I think I want to try Hoag’s Object next as I’m a sucker for green!

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