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Gloss n Sparkle - A Decadent Dilemma

Gloss n Sparkle A Decadent Dilemma 

I wish all my mistakes were this pretty. Believe it or not, A Decadent Dilemma is what happened when Angela from Gloss n Sparkle made a bit of a mistake when creating a batch of her polish Decadence (which is this, but has larger silver glitter, if you were wondering).

You read correctly - she is so good at making polish even her mistakes look good! I picked this up for a steal and am damn glad I did. The rich plum jelly is really well pigmented - I only needed two coats for this mani. 

Just think on it when you’re looking at the vibrant rich jelly and perfect balance of glitters - maybe one day, you will make a mistake this wonderful.

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