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Dead Set Babes - Milk & Cookies

Dead Set Babes Milk & Cookies

This polish should come with a warning, because I’d totally give these a bite if I was feeling peckish. It’s just like piles of Oreo’s and creamy delicious milk, and it’s making my sweet tooth ache!

Several sizes of matte black hexes are suspended in the white crelly base and it went on perfectly. No shaking or fishing required, and no curled glitter. You can’t really see it in the photo, but there is a light scatter of multi coloured micro glitter that gives it just that bit of shine in the daylight. It’s really subtle but I think it takes the finish to another level.

I’ve got 2 coats over one of plain white, with a nice thick top coat. It may reach opacity in 3 alone, but I wanted a really thick creamy finish so went with undies.

As a side note, I think I’m beginning to perfect the ‘flat-sweep’ technique for glitter polish (surely there is an actual term for this?). Rather than dabbing, I lay the brush parallel against the centre of my nail and then sweep left and right to cover my whole nail. I find I can control the amount of polish way better than I even could with dabbing.

Now that little point of interest is outta the way, I gotta go find some cookies…

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