/**/ January 2014 - Procrastinating Polishr

Shades of Phoenix - Expelliarmus

Shades of Phoenix Expelliarmus

This polish was just begging for a lightning bolt accent, and this one from Hex Nail Jewelry fit the bill perfectly.

Expelliarmus is an almost black jelly with a hint of olive tone, filled with gold glitter and flakes that give it a coppery finish. I managed to pick up one of the last bottles of this before they were discontinued and damn I’m glad I did.

The jelly base is quite opaque - I only needed 2 coats for perfect coverage. The glitter glides on without any effort thanks to the great consistency of the base.

Shades of Phoenix have just reopened for 2014 with 10 (you read correctly - TEN!) new polishes. There is a mega sparkly silver glitter bomb I have my eye on, along with some really soft feminine glitters and cremes that are quite unusual - the Bigcartel store is here

Tri-Polish Tuesday - January - Red, Orange and Yellow

Some Piet Mondrian inspired nails for the final January tri-polish Tuesday challenge! I have been wanting to try this kind of design for as long as I’ve been doing my nails but somehow just never got around to it. I’m a sucker for geometric designs and bold colours so naturally I’m quite drawm to the whole De Stijl movement.

I’m not totally in love with these - my lines really need some work. For some reason I’ve been really shaky handed lately, plus my good striper brush has disappeared so I’ll blame that.

I’ve used:
Sally Hansen White On
Revlon Colorstay Stiletto
Ulta3 Sizzling Red
Revlon Siren
Models Prefer Fun in the Sun

I’m really looking forward to starting with some new colours next month! I feel like Red, Orange and Yellow was a tough combo to start with but I’m pleased with all the designs I ended up with. I will likely recreate this in some different colours too, so keep an eye out.

Dead Set Babes - Milk & Cookies

Dead Set Babes Milk & Cookies

This polish should come with a warning, because I’d totally give these a bite if I was feeling peckish. It’s just like piles of Oreo’s and creamy delicious milk, and it’s making my sweet tooth ache!

Several sizes of matte black hexes are suspended in the white crelly base and it went on perfectly. No shaking or fishing required, and no curled glitter. You can’t really see it in the photo, but there is a light scatter of multi coloured micro glitter that gives it just that bit of shine in the daylight. It’s really subtle but I think it takes the finish to another level.

I’ve got 2 coats over one of plain white, with a nice thick top coat. It may reach opacity in 3 alone, but I wanted a really thick creamy finish so went with undies.

As a side note, I think I’m beginning to perfect the ‘flat-sweep’ technique for glitter polish (surely there is an actual term for this?). Rather than dabbing, I lay the brush parallel against the centre of my nail and then sweep left and right to cover my whole nail. I find I can control the amount of polish way better than I even could with dabbing.

Now that little point of interest is outta the way, I gotta go find some cookies…

Gloss n Sparkle - A Decadent Dilemma

Gloss n Sparkle A Decadent Dilemma 

I wish all my mistakes were this pretty. Believe it or not, A Decadent Dilemma is what happened when Angela from Gloss n Sparkle made a bit of a mistake when creating a batch of her polish Decadence (which is this, but has larger silver glitter, if you were wondering).

You read correctly - she is so good at making polish even her mistakes look good! I picked this up for a steal and am damn glad I did. The rich plum jelly is really well pigmented - I only needed two coats for this mani. 

Just think on it when you’re looking at the vibrant rich jelly and perfect balance of glitters - maybe one day, you will make a mistake this wonderful.

Loki's Lacquer - M81

Loki’s Lacquer M81

If I were wearing socks, they would have been knocked off the moment I put this on. This is two coats on its own, but can you imagine this over black??? I think I’d faint!

The colour is mind blowing-ly gorgeous. The shift from blue to purple is really dramatic, and I love that this isn’t the traditional kind of metallic/foil duochrome - it’s sparkly and twinkles as you move your fingers.

Bonus points for making my new nubbins look pretty! I blame a week of holidaying and too much swimming in pools for weakening my nails to severe breaking point.

There are three other shades in the Galaxy Duochrome collection which you can find here - I think I want to try Hoag’s Object next as I’m a sucker for green!

Tri Polish Tuesday - January #1

Tri Polish Tuesday - January - Red, Orange and Yellow

This year I’m joining Crumpet’s Nail Tarts doing both the Tri Polish Tuesday and the Golden Oldies Thursday challenges. I’m really excited to join in something that isn’t as time intensive as a 30 day challenge, but still gives me twice a week to come up with some nail art and use an older polish that doesn’t get much love due to my ever growing stash.

My camera is still dead, awaiting a new data/charging cable so the awful photo is courtesy of my phone and it doesn’t come near how bright these polishes are in real life.

Miss Ashleigh And It Was All Yellow is the, er, yellow I used. It’s described as ‘highlighter yellow’ and I couldn’t think of a more apt description. It arrived yesterday and it’s phenomenally bright. As with most yellows, it requires at least 3 carefully applied coats to avoid being patchy but it’s SO worth it.

China Glaze Sun Worshipper is the neon orange, and this needed some white undies to make it pop as it’s a really streaky thin formula. In real life it’s easily as highlighter bright as And It Was All Yellow.

Ulta3 Sizzling Red is stamped (atrociously) over the the neons with Emily de Molly plate EDM02. Sizzling Red is becoming my go-to red for nail art, and it stamped really well.

Loki’s Lacquer Whimmy Wham Wham Wazzle 

This polish is all kinds of awesome! Named for the party animal Slurms Mckenzie from Futurama, this was released as part of the Space Pilot 3000 collection all the way back in 2013. I got it in a blog sale a couple months ago and finally tried it out yesterday to wear as my first polish of the new year. Pretty good decision I think.

The metallic green base reaches opacity in just two coats, and despite this sitting still for a long time and having a fair bit of sinking glitter a quick shake was all that was needed. Some of the glitters curl a little, but there was only one really pesky one I removed with tweezers before top coating.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead - so much polish still to try and I still have a loooong way to go with my nail art. I’ll be taking part in some more challenges to test myself so I’m really excited - you’ll see the first one next Tuesday!