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The Indie Spectrum - Australian Flora - August 2018

Hi lovelies!

Did you know there's new Australian monthly polish box? It's called The Indie Spectrum and it's the brainchild of local faves Emily de Molly and Grace-full Nail Polish. Along with a few guests each month they're offering four special limited edition shades to a particular theme - this month being Australian Flora. Let's check it out!

Emily de Molly - July 2018

Hi polish pals!

Emily de Molly have yet another gorgeous collection to tempt you this month and I've got you covered for swatches! There's a stunning magnetic, two brilliant thermals, flakes galore and overall a stunning colour palette to make your bank accounts groan in anticipation. Let's check them out!

Polish Pickup June 2018 - Celestial, Emily de Molly & Mckfresh

Hey pals!

I'm back again with a selection of the Australian contributions to the June 2018 Polish Pickup! This month will be a bucketload of polish and related goodies inspired by videogames. Based on how different these 3 polishes are I'd say there's going to be an awesomely varied selection this month!

Emily de Molly - May 2018

Hi polished pals!

Another month, another incredible collection from Emily de Molly! This might be one of my favourite months in recent memory as it really digs into all my favourite shades and finishes, while still having a great variation on offer.

Let's take a look at the sparkling goodness for this month!

Mckfresh Nail Attire 5th Mckiversary Collection

Hi lovelies!

Last month Mckfresh Nail Attire celebrated their 5th year of glitter and colour and have released 5 special limited edition shades to celebrate! If you love flakes, glitter and colour changing polish - keep reading!