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Sisters by Nail Polish Society for Picture Polish

Hi lovelies!

Can you believe I've had this sitting in my drafts for months? It's way past time I show you this gorgeous polish, designed in collaboration with Picture Polish by one of my fav bloggers, the sweet and talented Emiline from Nail Polish Society!

Celestial Cosmetics - March 2017 Limited Edition Duo

Hi lovelies!
If you're a fan of pink and/or Dirty Dancing, today is your moment. Each month, members of the Celestial's Stars Facebook fan group vote on an inspiration image from a classic movie and this month it's all about the pinks!

Celestial Cosmetics March Releases (part 2!)

Hi lovelies!
Continuing with the March releases from Celestial Cosmetics (see part 1, the shifty shimmers, here) with two incredible glittery jellies that have me utterly obsessed! 

Celestial Cosmetics March Releases (Part 1!)

Hi lovelies!
March brings us a whole swag of releases from Celestial Cosmetics, so I'm breaking up my swatches into three posts this month so I don't go totally overboard with pictures in one big hit. I'm starting today with four polishes I'm calling the 'Shifty Shimmers' - I feel like it's pretty obvious why!

3 Nail Art Ideas for the anti-Valentine

So, you don't like Valentine's Day huh? I get that.

It's a weird, super commercialised holiday that focuses on romantic (and usually hetero) love and public expressions of it. It can be super cringeworthy and sometimes sad and alienating for those who aren't in relationships, and I know there are a lot of anti-Valentine's polish lovers out there - heck, I'm one of them!

This post is dedicated to those who love to hate Valentine's Day, with three manis that say screw you V-Day!