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Mckfresh Revamps

Hi polished pals!

Ready for another round of nostalgia? Today's rewind is courtesy of Mckfresh Nail Attire, who have revamped and re-released some of their most popular shades from their early days! Let's re-live the early days of indie polish mania with these five stunners!

Bettie Pain Polish - The 90s collection

Hi polish pals!

Bettie Pain Polish are kicking off 2018 by rewinding 20 odd years to the 1990s, where frosted tips and crimped hair were cool, trolls and tamagotchis ruled your world, we wore too much denim (mostly thanks to our way oversized baggy jeans) and we listened to whatever was on the radio because Napster only happened at the end of the decade. I was a kid, tween and teen in the 90s and this collection is hitting all of my nostalgia buttons right now!

Emily de Molly - Perfect Formation for Polish Pickup

Hey lovelies!

This month Emily de Molly are contributing to the Polish Pickup with a phenomenal limited edition shade you are going to love. Is January 1st too early to call something the best of the year? Well I'm calling it now - this is going to be in my end of year lists come December!

Read on for swatches and to find out how to score yourself one of these stunners!

Emily de Molly - December 2017

Hi polish pals!

I've got the last release for 2017 from Emily de Molly to show you today - get ready to blow your December budget because we're going out with a bang!

Jord Wood Watch review (+ Giveaway/discount code!)

Hi lovelies!

Christmas time is almost upon us, and I've just got to show you my pick for a great all rounder gift idea - my fabulous JORD watch, the Frankie35 in Zebrawood and Navy. She's a real beauty, and she was on my wishlist for this year when the fab team from JORD approached me with the opportunity to showcase one of their range for you all!