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Purple Print Nail Art - #TheLacquerRing

Hi lovelies!

Today is my first night at home relaxing after at least a week of being sociable, which is totally against everything I believe in, but also the reason why I'm so late posting this/anything else! Ever feel like you spend more time thinking about things you need to do than actually doing them? Yeah, that's me at the moment.

But anyway, nail art! Purple!

Kaleidoscope Nail Art - ABC Challenge

Hey pals!

Another week has flown by so it's already time for the letter K in the Nail Polish Society ABC Challenge. I was totally stumped for this letter until I found my MoYou Kaleidoscope plates!

Jupiter Nail Art - ABC Challenge

Let’s get nerdy!

I’ve got a topical look today for you NASA fans (there’s a huge crossover, right?) with some Jupiter nail art for the ABC Challenge. Last week the big news in space was the Juno probe arriving at Jupiter, giving us the closest and best look at the mysterious gassy giant we’ve ever had. I took on a mission with equal complexity to create some of Jupiter’s familiar roughly banded surface – a water marble.

Colour(s!) of the Month from Grace-full Nail Polish

Hi lovelies!

Today I've got three of the four new COTM polishes from Grace-full Nail Polish to show you - if you're a fan of delicate sparkle and tricksy shimmers, I suggest you read on!

ABC Challenge - I is for i nail art

Happy Monday pals!

I've got something easy to kick off the week with this monochrome dot dash pattern for the Nail Polish Society ABC Challenge. I took my inspiration from the letter itself - the simple little letter i.